Things To Know Before You Head To Greece

GREECE is a wonderful city located in the southern Europe with three different seas present on three different sides. They are - the Aegean Sea, the Lonian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Its neighboring countries are Albania and Turkey. It balances a remarkable contrast right from the ancient ruins and its great architecture to the high infrastructure. It is a mountainous region with several ranges extending as chains of islands in the sea or as peninsulas. Athens is Greece's capital city. We all know the wonderful city is known for some of the world's best historical architecture. Since the climate over here is temperate with wet winters and hot dry summers travelling during the mid June (or summer season) is probably the best since the place is throbbing with life. The place experiences a glorious weather at this time and you will probably get a chance to attend the best carnival season. The beaches are lively and the crowd is great. Also Easter here is celebrated with much fanfare. So here we provide with the best travel tips which will make your trip easy and simple


TICKETS - For years Greece has been a popular destination and the sluggish economy seems not to have affected it much. If you have decided to fly to Greece during the month of July-August, make sure you book your airplane tickets to Athens in advance as many of the international tourists would choose the same. This is because the capital is very well-connected to many popular islands such as Rhodes, Santorini, Crete or Mykonos and other countries.

PACKING - Pack appropriate clothes. If you are a girl - carry a pair of elegant shoes, a pair of jeans and some stylish tops. Guys can carry some nice t-shirts along with a pair of jeans. Keep in mind that if you are interested in visiting monasteries or churches shorts are not allowed.

SUMMERS ARE HOT - So carry sunscreens and Alka seltzer along with you to enjoy on the beaches. Remember to carry a water bottle too

COLLECT SOME INFORMATION prior to your visit about the museums and many tourists' attractions as they have specific non operating times during which they remain closed and it would be disappointing to be visiting the place at such time. So get information through specific websites about the museums and other such places to avoid any drama beforehand.

LANGUAGE - Greek in not an easy language to learn but since you have decided to visit the place, make sure you learn some common phrases. Here is some basic help

kalimera (goodmorning)

kalipera (goodevening)

kalinihta (goodnight)

Yia sou (hello)

Adio (bye)

parakalo (please)

Efharisto (thank you)

These phrases will surely prove to be of some help in knowing the directions to any place or even making local friends. This place provides with some of the best attraction places in the world. During off the season hotel stays are cheaper, beaches and even historical places are less crowded. If you follow of the mentioned tips, the memory of your stay at Greece will keep you company forever.

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