Places Worth A Visit In Crete

The world is a beautiful place with many beautiful cities and countries to travel to. There are some places which have been termed as wonders while some places are such that they do need to a certificate to be called as one, such is their marvel. Crete island of Greece is certainly one of the lot. Some travelling tips would be useful if you are planning to visit the place in the near future.

Crete is one of the most famous of the Greek islands and is located south of the Aegean Sea. Be it the charming towns and beautiful villages, mountainous landscapes, beautiful beaches on the coast, a lively nightlife. You even have the ruins of one of the greatest civilizations ever, the Minoan civilization; you would never be of short of choices on the island! You may even have a hard time in deciding what to enjoy.

Crete Island has four districts or the prefectures into which it is divided namely Chania, Heraklion, Lassithi and Rethymno. Each prefecture has a different history and has various offerings for its tourists. Depending on your priorities you can decide which prefectures you would like to see. The climate in the plains of Crete is Mediterranean having hot and dry summers and mild winters. In the mountains, the winters are harsh and from January to February end, it continuously snows. Plan your wardrobe for the trip depending on the season of your travelling. Remember that due the mountainous region, the change in temperature can be sudden on the island.

Reaching Crete is not difficult as there are a number of options to reach available from Athens. You can either use a ferry from Pireaus or you can even take a ferry from any of the other major ports of the island. Pireaus can be reached by a subway. The ferries are very comfortable. It is a 12 hour journey. You can also take a flight to Chania and Heraklion international airports but a ferry is cheaper and more enjoyable. Decide what you want to take depending on your time and budget.

The beaches present on the coast of Crete are present on the Western side of the island and they are well populated. There are islands which can be explored. At the Agios or the Elounda beach one can simply lounge around, watch other people and relax. Earlier there were a lot of options for the partying masses but now they have been limited due to action by the local authorities. However that makes no difference. There is a lot for people who want to see the real side of a silent town or stay in the silent beaches. Some deserted beaches are prone to currents. There are no life guards as well so one should take care.

Before leaving for the place just ensure you have all that you require and have planned your trip well. The place has so many things to see and visit that you might feel that even a week of travel is less. Therefore it would be good that you decide itinerary with a tour operator or venture out on your own.

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