Places To Visit In Greece

Whenever you are on a vacation, you want to get the best out of it. You would not like missing out on to any place that's worth visiting. This is because you don't know whether you'd ever come back again to that place. So when in Greece, here are some places that you would definitely want to visit, as they are beautiful and memorable ones.

The first one in the list would be Athens. When in the historical Athens, acropolis is the destination to be. Parthenon as well the Erecthion are two recognizable places to be visited. Furthermore the famous temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian's arch and the Greek agora are also very good sites to see. The Greek archaeological museum is also worth a visit. If you are a little adventurous then climbing the Lykavittos hills can be fun as once you reach the top, you can have a brilliant view of the entire city.

And when the day leaves you tired and hungry then you need to march towards the district of Plaka as this place nestles many taverns, coffee houses and restaurants. This place is also suitable for shopping for gifts as it offers a huge variety. Being a tourists place, you may find things a little expensive but you can always use your bargaining skills.

After Athens, Delphi can be your next on your list. Delphi is a small settlement in the hills of mount Parnassus. It is a classic example of natural beauty uplifted with ancient ruins. In Delphi, a visit to the Delphi museum is a must because it stores the two famous bronze statues of the charioteer and kleobis. You can even plan to stay here for a night as it is easy to find a lodge here. Food is cheap and excellent.

If you are a trekker then climbing up the mount Olympus is certainly not to be missed. This is not meant for all the tourists, however if you have the time and the will, you should try to climb up the mountain of God. One thing to be kept in mind is that until you are a professional, you need to exercise these skills only in summers as in winters the peak is covered with snow. This makes it very risky to climb up as it can lead to casualties.

When we talk of Santorini, we can picture the crisp whitewashed buildings and the beautiful waves of the Aegean river. With all the scenic beauty this place is bestowed with, you can enjoy classic Greek food. It may indeed be time for kalamatas and red wine. This place is remarkable from the historical point of view as it has emerged from a volcanic eruption in the past and sits on a single mountain.

Mykonos is also a nice place to visit in the end particularly when you go out of money. This place is cheap to afford but offers good food. So, Greece offers you enough to collect good memories of this beautiful and culturally rich country.

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