Crete Island Tour

Crete Island in Greece is one of the most exotic locations on the planet that you will ever visit. With beautiful villages and wonderful towns, mountainous landscapes, coast with beautiful beaches, historic places and churches to visit, the island is a complete package.

Crete Island is located to the South of the Aegean Sea and can be easily reached from Athens. It is divided into four prefectures Chania, Heraklion, Lassithi and Rethymno each having its own past and something different to offer. The whole island is very diverse. In fact no matter how much time you spend here, and you may feel that you need more time to explore.

There are a number of places to visit. Some tips about the places that should be visited while visiting the island should be useful. Lake Kournas is the only lake located on the island and it is surrounded by the mountains. Located around 48 km to the east of Chania, the lake is very beautiful. Lasithi windmills occupy the northern entrance to the Lasithi plateau and are the most significant group of windmills that have been preserved on the Lasithi plateau. They have now become a landmark for the whole area. These are wind mills which always grind only to one direction of the wind. One of the most important cult places of Minoan Crete is the cave of Psychro which is definitely worth a visit at least once.

The longest gorge in Europe, the Samaria Gorge measures 18 km and is located 43 km from the city of Hania. Flowing between the highest peak of the White Mountains and Mt. Volikas is a stream which cuts the gorge. A number of taverns and rooms are available for rent at the village of Omalas and Omalas mountain range. The Basilika of Agios Titos is located near the Morosini's fountain which is one of the oldest and most important monuments of Christianity on the Creek. The personal library of the Greek poet and Nobel winner Georgios Seferis is Vikilea which is now a public library is situated at the edge of the street in front of Agios Titos.

Situated at 20 km from Iraklion is a small village called Asitis where one can enjoy the traditional sweets. The Nautical Museum of Crete has various nautical instruments and objects, models of ships, authentic historic photographs, portraits and paintings. The exhibits from the naval tradition of Greece are classified according to the historic periods

Other places that can be visited are the historical and folk museum of Rethymnon, Gournia, archaeological museum of Herakleion, Kazantzakis museum, Malis prehistoric settlement, ancient Eleutherna, Phalasarna, Spinalonga, Fragokastelo and Lebena. Apart from these, the towns, the streets and the beaches are themselves no less than a treat to watch.

Whichever place you plan to visit just check out the nearest accommodations that are available and try to get the booking done in advance to avoid the rush. Also have a look at the various options available for travelling to reach the place from the location of your stay so that there are no problems faced.

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