Ancient Architectural Places To Visit In Greece

Greece has a rich in history and architectural ruins. The country has managed to restore some of the world known monuments and is a frequently visited tourist place. The place has a lot of ancient temples and museums. The food here is delicious and offers endless variety. Nevertheless it is an expensive place to visit. The climate is hot and in summers the temperature can rise up to fifty degrees.

If you happen to visit Athens, you should make a trip to the city of Corinth. You can take a bus from Athens to Corinth because the travel time is quite short. You can expect to reach in ninety minutes. In such short time you will reach a astonishing city which has such architecture and ancient ruins. The place also has a lot of of small restaurants, coffee houses and museums.

Without being to this city your trip will be incomplete. Many historical sites and ruins have been restored in their original form for the present day. So it is culturally rich. You will feel the essence of the real Greek tradition in this city.

The Corinth canal is the first spot you will notice along your way. This is a very crucial water way from the commercial point of view. This canal joins the Peloponnese to the modern Greece and is exploited by traders. The water is crystal clear and looks to be a beautiful shade of blue. Stop here to take a break.

The place contains many museums and temples. The temple of Apollo, the roman agora and the Odeon make great attractions.

The museums also offer a wide array of art paintings, ancient sculptures and vast collection of manuscripts. Also you would find variety of vases displayed here.

Do not forget to take a look at the ancient bath. The unique feature of this bath is that the water comes from a natural spring and is one of the sacred places to visit. Today only some remains can be seen here. There is always a little shopping that needs to be accomplished and don't forget to tease your tongue with delicious Greek food.

The Acrocorinth is a huge piece of rock in the backdrop of Corinth. The water bath mentioned above actually is located near to this huge fortification. The natural spring goes down in the city of Corinth and you can feel the presence because of the sound made by the water. The Acrocorinth provides a breath-taking view of the city. Corinth has always been a strong centre from the business point of view. It has been influenced from the Mycenaean times because it's strategically located between the mainland Greece and Peloponnese.

In conclusion the city of Corinth is not to be missed when you are holidaying in Athens. It gives you an opportunity to have a look at the place that is so rich in history and also has restored the culture, which forms the main attraction for the visitors.

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